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Connect with users to power your brand and deliver results.

Use your ads to connect with whats happening on Truth Social and around the world. We offer guidelines on getting the most out of your campaign.


Target your selected audience using either specific locations or worldwide.


Dont have time? Contact the Megalo Marketing team and we will run your ads worldwide for $125 per month and reach 19 Million viewers. This includes our entire network.

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Megalo Global Bulk Advertising Credit. 

What is the Megalo Global Bulk Advertising Credit System?

With our competitor Facebook. When you run advertising campaigns. You are charged based on a Pay per click method and you can only advertise in specific regions at a time. With Megalo Globals platform you can advertise worldwide at one time. 

We are on a pay per click basis as well. Our pay per click rate is 5 cents per click. We have setup a credits payment system to allow Marketers and advertisers to buy bulk credits. say you buy 10000 Credits for $100 and our rate of PPC is 5 cents per click. You can resell your service at a rate of 50 cents per click and charge your customers accordingly. Buying Flat rate advertising credits allows Marketers and Advertisers to work on a bigger playing field. This is just one advantage to joining the Megalo Global Network as a Business.

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