Ending BIG-TECH Tyranny

Megalo Social MediaEnding BIG-TECH Tyranny by taking Big Tech head-on.Hello. CEO Brandon Gibson here!!! At Megalo Social Media we aren’t just building a social network, we are building an alternative to BIG-TECH tyranny. Our mission is to defend free speech online at all costs and we’ve certainly paid the price for standing by this mission. To date Megalo Social Media has been banned from dozens of service providers including app stores, hosting providers, and even Parler. We spent two years building our own infrastructure from the ground up and thanks to the support from our community you made it happen. Megalo Social Media is only possible because we have people like you who help us to fund the development and operation of the Megalo Social Media platform. We hope you’ll consider replacing Facebook and google with the Megalo Network, our platform consists of 35 platforms under one name. For access to all our platforms see our search engine at Megalo SearchThanks for being a valued member of our growing community!Sincerally Brandon Gibson CEO, Megalo Social Media